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Alleviating Global Poverty Through Life-Sustaining Technology


Providing Critical Data for Long-term Sustainability

The Problem: Undetected Pump Downtime

Historically, standard hand pumps fail every six months1, and it can take up to a month for the hand pump to be repaired with the average repair time of 27 days1. These pumps are in remote communities and do not have any kind of monitoring system to provide alerts that the system is down. When this happens, communities are forced to go back to open water sources. As LifePump™ becomes more widely used across the world, capturing critical pump data is more important than ever to ensure that communities have zero days without water.

1Oxford University Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

The Solution: LifePumpLink

Design Outreach’s satellite-based remote monitor LifePumpLink™ was designed to vastly improve the efficiency and impact of water supply programs by providing real-time data to stakeholders around the world. LifePumpLink provides real-time information on a pump’s performance, indicates changes in usage, and provides alerts—all of which help technicians respond proactively to reduce pump downtime.

Providing reliable water is a crucial first step in bringing health and economic opportunity to a community, and sustainable water access is foundational for alleviating global poverty.

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Satellite modem to transmit data. 

Battery powered for long-lasting performance.
Baseplate allows for easy install on new LifePump, or retrofit on existing LifePump.
Sensor counts gearbox shaft rotations.

LifePumpLink is developed in partnership with SonSet Solutions.

Desktop Dashboard and Mobile App

LifePumpLink provides real-time pump usage data and actionable alerts through a website-based dashboard and mobile app. 

Allows instant access to data for field partners. Mobile app provides electronic site assessment and installation reporting capabilities.  

Shows maps of LifePump locations and status.

Provides access to pump usage details, status, and alerts.

Includes site installation report that allows technicians to record critical pump data, community information, and stories while on-site.

Future software iterations will include maintenance module to further optimize LifePump preventative maintenance programs.

How LifePumpLink Alleviates Global Poverty

  • “Enables near 100% LifePump uptime so communities have safe water they can rely on, leading to better health, education, and employment opportunities.
  • Provides feedback to financial partners on effectiveness and impact of the LifePump solution.
  • Improves water supply systems to support long-term sustainability.