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Alleviating Global Poverty Through Life-Sustaining Technology


Preventing Devastating Water Loss in Developing Countries

The problem: Water Leakage

In many under-resourced communities, water is collected from boreholes via solar pumping systems and springs and distributed to communities through water tap stands. A weak link in these systems is often the valve used to dispense water. When these valves leak, are left open, or break, water is wasted, tanks are emptied, and fresh water can become contaminated. According to the World Bank, 45 million cubic meters of water are lost daily due to water leakage in these systems. That’s enough water to meet the basic water needs of 90 million people.

The Solution: LifeTap

LifeTap™ is a reliable self-closing valve that is robust enough to handle the wear and tear of a community tap stand while preventing devastating water loss. 

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Poppet & Handle Assembly:
Rubber over-molded poppet provides a durable seal that has been tested to more than 2,000,000 cycles.
3/4" Pipe Fitting:
3/4 inch stainless steel NPT pipe fitting connects to existing waterlines via a provided elbow fitting. This part remains stationary while poppet & handle assembly moves up and down to close the valve.
Anti-Rotation Feature:
The poppet is attached to the handle with a threaded connection. Anti-rotation feature protects the poppet seal and threads from damage.
Poppet & Handle Assembly:
The handle is pulled upward to open the tap. The weight of the stainless steel handle closes the tap even in low pressure systems.

How LifeTap Works

  1. Designed to be easily installed and work on a variety of water access points.
  2. Specially designed seal stops water when device is closed, even under varying pressures.
  3. Ensures consistent water supply, even with heavy use, due to its robust durability.

How LifeTap Alleviates Global Poverty

  • Prevents devastating water loss that can impact communities and the environment. 
  • Saves communities money that they can otherwise invest in long-term development. 
  • LifeTap’s durability ensures consistent water supply, even with heavy use.