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Addressing Increasing Needs for Safe Water Through Motorized LifePump Upgrade

The problem: increasing demand

As many LifePump™ communities grow in population and people continue to flock to LifePump for safe water, a higher flow rate is often needed to meet increasing demand. autoLifePump™ allows a solar-powered electric motor to be added to LifePump to address these needs.

The Solution: autoLifePump

For communities that have a high demand for water but do not have the resources to support a submersible pumping system and all their associated costs and maintenance, autoLifePump provides a motorized pumping option at a fraction of the cost.

A pump that operates with zero downtime is critical for sustainable development; autoLifePump provides near 100% uptime. When there is not enough sunlight to power the electric motor, autoLifePump’s auxiliary handle is there to provide safe water 24/7.

As communities grow, they can upgrade their LifePump to autoLifePump easily and affordably, guaranteeing sustainable water access they need to thrive.    

Hover over the water droplets to learn more about how autoLifePump works.

Traditional manual handle is available as a secondary pumping option.

The electric motor mounts directly to the gearbox cross-shaft, capable of pumping 2 to 3 times faster than hand powered alone.
autoLifePump system designed to retrofit on existing LifePump gearbox
autoLifePump still integrates with LifePumpLink monitoring system.

How autoLifePump Works

  1. Upgrades a standard LifePump with minimal effort and cost.
  2. Increases flow rate 2 to 3 times depending on solar intensity and borehole refresh rate capacity.
  3. Provides manual backup system for users to switch from electric to manual operation.

How autoLifePump Alleviates Global Poverty

  1. Provides a cost-effective option for increased access to safe water for a growing community without the need of additional boreholes or expensive, unreliable infrastructure.
  2. Supports communities as they grow and develop.
  3. Ensures near 100% uptime with an auxiliary handle for a manual pumping option when solar power is not available.

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